Today, being a Friday, was a positive day from the beginning because the weekend was upon me. In the evening I was walking past a small meadow a few blocks from my house, when a sensation of delight overwhelmed my body as I saw the flicker of yellow lights dancing around in the twilight. Fireflies! Yup, it's that time of year already. Seeing fireflies has always brought a smile to my face every year as far back as I can remember. Today, the happiness comes from remembering summertime and school breaks, barbeques and pool parties, youthfulness and freedom. Seeing those little glowing dots come back year after year allows me to be positive. Even through the hard times in my life, facing obstacles, moments like today are one of the ways I motivate myself to push forward and Never Say Can't.

06/04/2011 08:16

We call them "lightening bugs" around here and I love them too! Harbinger of SUMMER. Have a great weekend!


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