I like to garden. I have spent the past few weeks tending to my little plants - watering, pruning, etc. Taking the time out to do somthing you enjoy can have such a positive impact on your life. Specifically, when I garden, watching my plants grow allows for opportunity to reflect also on how I grow each year spiritually, intellectually, and devlopmentally. Despite all the downpours I have had in my area, and several days of flash heat waves, these little plants are pushing up towards the sky. These plants are another way to keep me encouraged and positive. Even if I have a "rainy day," I will continue to grow, and continue to reach for the sky.

Find something that you enjoy that can be symbolic of what you hope to achieve in your own personal development. The physical tending to this hobby, task, or craft will help you to emotionally and psychologically push forward in your own endeavors and never say can't. 

06/04/2011 16:45

Hi Marlene,

It’s a great advice. My wife’s hobby is to grow orchids and I can see in her just what you described. Cheers!

06/05/2011 08:23

I love my tiny garden as well. It's so refreshing to see something grow! Nice post ;)


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